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Travel Adventures with a Heartfelt Focus

by Meredith Mullins on May 29, 2017

A cheetah in Namibia, the result of Suzi Eszterhas wildlife photography and travel adventures. (Image © Suzi Eszterhas.)

The beauty of a cheetah in motion in Namibia
© Suzi Eszterhas

Wildlife Photography that Makes a Difference

Focus is a word that comes to mind when talking about Suzi Eszterhas. Not just because it’s a clever— albeit overused—pun that pops up in photography circles, but because Suzi was focused at an early age on what she wanted in life.

Not too many six-year-olds know what their future will hold. Suzi did. Travel adventures were her destiny. She knew she would be a wildlife photographer.

Suzi Eszterhas, a master of wildlife photography and travel adventures. (Image © Suzi Eszterhas.)

Suzi Eszterhas: Patience, Drive, and Passion
© Jak Wonderly

Best Trips: Zagreb

by Joyce McGreevy on May 22, 2017

The beautiful entrance of the Moderna Galerija in Croatia’s capital shows why one of the best trips you can take is in one of Europe’s most underrated travel destinations, Zagreb. (Image © Joyce McGreevy)

Zagreb’s details delight the eye.
© Joyce McGreevy

Lingering in Croatia’s Capital

Do your neighbors include dragons, Romantic poets, and the ghost of Nikolas Tesla?  If so, you must be in Zagreb—one of Europe’s most underrated travel destinations.

Croatia’s capital is one of the best trips you can take without dreaming. A place where you exit a museum on a three-story slide, check the time by the noon cannon, and stroll through a traditional market that featured in a Jackie Chan movie.

Zagreb is not your average city.

Travel Adventures in the Friendly(?) Skies

by Meredith Mullins on May 15, 2017

Plane flying through clouds, offering travel adventures and air travel stories of the memorable kind. (Image © Artem Tryhub/iStock.)

Travel adventures of the aerial kind
© Artem Tryhub/iStock

Air Travel Stories to Remember

Air travel customer disasters have peppered the news lately.

A passenger was dragged off an overbooked United flight, a fist fight erupted between two Southwest Airlines passengers, a woman was hit with her baby’s stroller as an American Airlines flight attendant tried to wrestle it away from her. The flight attendant later said “Bring it on” to a passenger who tried to intervene on the woman’s behalf.

We tend to remember the horror stories—the headline makers as well as the travel adventures we have suffered through personally.

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